Q:  Can I copy pictures from The Breastfeeding Atlas to hand out to my students/or to mothers in my support group?

A:  Photographs, like written works, belong to their creator.  The photos from The Breastfeeding Atlas, 7th edition, are protected by US Copyright.  No reproduction in any form is permitted without the written permission of the authors.


Q:  I’m developing an educational program.  I will be charging a fee.  I do not have photos of my own.  Can I use your photos to develop my course (or to illustrate my course materials)?

A:  No. We do not grant permission for photos from The Breastfeeding Atlas to be used in for-profit projects. This includes online courses, training manuals, books, handouts, etc. that will be sold.


Q:  I moderate an online mother support group and would like to share some of the photos from The Breastfeeding Atlas on my site (or on Facebook or other platforms).

A:  This use is specifically prohibited.  Our photos may not be posted on the open internet where they can be easily copied or downloaded for unauthorized use. If we receive notice that photos from the Atlas are posted on such sites, a Cease & Desist letter will be sent.


Q:  I have developed a new product for breastfeeding mothers and would like to use a photo from The Breastfeeding Atlas in my advertising materials.

A:  No photo from The Breastfeeding Atlas may be used to advertise any product or service.


Q:  I am a university educator (non-profit agency director, textbook author, or researcher).  I would like to use a specific photo from The Breastfeeding Atlas in a lecture (textbook, journal article, etc).  May I have permission to reproduce one of your photos for my project?

A: As a collegial gesture, we consider granting limited rights of reproduction for up to 3 photos per project to educators, researchers, agencies, etc.  We consider all such requests on a case-by-case basis.  If you believe your project meets our criteria, please contact Barbara Wilson-Clay bwc@lactnews.com to discuss specific details, our terms of permission, how to cite the photo, and how to acknowledge The Breastfeeding Atlas, 7th edition in your bibliography.