It gets better and better

Kathleen (Kathie) Marinelli MD, IBCLC, FABM, FAAP

I began using the Wilson-Clay and Hoover Breastfeeding Atlas many editions ago as I began my journey into Breastfeeding Medicine and studying for the IBLCE exam. Each edition has improved in the quality of the photos and the accompanying commentary. Many are common occurrences and practices, but some one might not come across frequently in practice, making both really valuable resources to me as a professional, my students, and the patients I have seen over the years. I am excited to see this newest edition of The Atlas! It is a one of a kind reference for any person in the field of lactation.

Great Resource

Roberto Mário Issler, MD, PhD; IBCLC

This is a great publication, soon to be in its Portuguese version. The "Atlas" may help professionals, students of Health-related courses and other people who attend mothers and babies to learn, based on a large and diverse collection of pictures and figures, different situations related to BF practice and problems. Images and comments can clarify diverse situations for those who support mothers to have pleasure and satisfaction in the act of breastfeeding their infants. Thanks to the authors, Barbara Wilson-Clay and Kay Hoover, for sharing this publication with the Portuguese-speaking people around the world!

Essa é uma importante publicação agora disponível na sua versão traduzida para o Português. O "Atlas" pode ser muito útil para profissionais, estudantes de cursos da área da saúde e outras pessoas que atendem mães e crianças a aprender, baseados numa ampla e diversa coleção de imagens e figuras, diferentes situações relacionadas à prática da amamentação e os problemas mais comuns. Imagens e comentários podem esclarecer diversas situações para aqueles que apoiam as mães para praticar uma amamentação prazerosa e satisfatória para suas crianças. Obrigado às autoras, Barbara Wilson-Clay e Kay Hoover, por compartilhar essa publicação com as pessoas que falam Português ao redor do mundo!

Testimonial from Uruguay

Laura Fazio, IBCLC, Uruguay

El Atlas de Lactancia fue imprescindible para mi y mis colegas de Uruguay durante la preparación del examen IBCLC. Además las uso las fotos cuando enseño a los pacientes en lugar donde me desempeño como consultora lactancia IBCLC.

Great Resource

Nekisha Killings MPH IBCLC, Creator of The Melanated Mammary Atlas

The Breastfeeding Atlas has been a staple in lactation education for decades. Every well-equipped practicing or aspiring IBCLC has a copy of The Atlas - including me

Testimonial from Austria

Anne-Marie Kern, IBCLC, Fachbuchversand Stillen, Austria

Der Breastfeeding Atlas ist ein unentbehrliches Grundlagenbuch für alle, die sich für das IBLCE Examen vorbereiten und für die tägliche Arbeit mit stillenden Müttern… Fundiert und ausgezeichnet referenziert.

Wealth of Knowledge 

Jessica Billowitz, IBCLC, Israel

The wealth of knowledge in The Breastfeeding Atlas in it’s easy to use visual format is an indispensable part of my client care.

Board Exam Study Guide

Hettie Grove B., S. Africa

The Breastfeeding Atlas is one of my favorite textbooks for everyday use and preparing me for the Board exam. It also improved the knowledge of my students in the South African Certified Lactation course. It is a fundamental tool for everyone working with lactating mothers.

Hettie Grove B.CUR (Unisa) RN.RM.CHN.RNT.RNA SPECIALIST MIDWIFE And Neonatology (Cum Laude) IBCLC.SACPE, S. Africa

Worth It

Linda Smith, MPH, IBCLC, Ohio

The Breastfeeding Atlas is worth far more than its price because of the outstanding quality and quantity of photos that are central to understanding, preventing, and resolving breastfeeding problems.

Reasonably Priced

Liz Brooks, JD, IBCLC, FILCA, Pennsylvania

The Breastfeeding Atlas was one of the very first reasonably-priced, evidence-based, patient/client-centered books. It is chock full of photos, available to those who are studying the IBLCE exam, or working with parents home with their babies. Many times I pulled it out at a home visit, to show pictures and information to help worried parents understand that their problem was not unique, and had a course of care we could try. The current edition does not leave my home visit bag. Using it for exam prep was invaluable to ease my IBCLC recertification.

Evidence-Based Resource

Jeannette T. Crenshaw, DNP, RN, LCCE, IBCLC, NEA-BC, FACCE, FAA

I have the privilege of sharing this evidence-based resource with colleagues from China now that a Chinese character version is available. Thank you, Barbara Wilson-Clay and Kay Hoover, for sharing this exceptional resource with our Chinese lactation support providers.